Regular TEST KIT Alphacat (40 tests)

263,00 Inc. Spanish IVA

REGULAR TEST KIT Alphacat, Analyze the “potency” of your Cannabis

This kit will tell you the% of the following cannabinoids:



  • 1 Alpha-cat Protocol Guide1 THC and 1 CBD calibration diagram, standards that allow an exact quantification of%10 Test plates10 Microtubes of powdered colorant (0.3 gr), for storage in cold, dry and dark conditions

    2 bottles of alpha-CAT test fluids (60 ml)

    40 Eppendorf tubes (1.5 ml)

    1 flask under development Dip tray Pipettes (3 ml)32932329


Inside the box we will have all the necessary elements, in addition to some precise and simple instructions. To give you an idea, we will explain it briefly:

We will simply take a sample of 1 g of weed / hemp (for example)

It is inserted into the tube and from there we will follow the instructions. We will have to introduce a certain amount of analysis liquid into the tube, shake it.

Take samples of the liquid with the syringe.
Deposit a couple of drops on the plate.
Then we must immerse it in a glass that is included with another liquid for half an hour.

Finally, you will have to contrast the colors of your plate with the THC and CBD reference table to know the amount of cannabinoids that your sample contains.


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