Natural CARTRIDGES Full Spectrum 54% CBD – Pure Distilled without base

45,00 Inc. Spanish IVA

54% CBD / 0,11% THC / 11,72 % CBG / 0,08 % CBN / 3,06 CBDV / 5,98 % Others Cannabinoids / Natural terpenes

Natural Cannabis Extract of Cannabis Sativa L. (Hemp)

Full Spectrum product / Pure Distilled (without oil base)

<< Does not contain PG, VG or Mct oil. It is not an isolated product, it is extracted in the laboratory in a two-level process like KSP oils and capsules >>


We have five different flavors to choose from:

Gelato / Super Lemon haze / Og Kush / Girl Scout Cookies / Tangie 



This carefully designed cartridge delivers in 0,50 ml cartridge equivalent of 6000 mg (60%) of active full-spectrum CBD distillate paired with natural terpenes (flavor derived from each individual strain) to enhance the absorption and effect of our premium high-concentration CBD distillate.

Voilà! Here it is a full spectrum distillate high in CBD and terpenes; of course no additives, no food coloring, no solvents, no preservatives. All of our cartridges use atomizers with high-quality ceramic coils. With Golden Buds, the days of burnt smells and bad tasting cut CBD are now a thing of the past!

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