Mini TEST KIT CBD y THC (8 tests)

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MINI TEST KIT Alphacat, Analyze the “potency” of your Cannabis


  • 1 alpha-CAT instruction manual1 THC and 1 CBD calibration diagram, standards that allow an exact quantification of%2 test plates2 Microtubes of powdered colorant (0.06 gr), for storage in cool, dry and dark environments1 Bottles of Alpha-CAT Test Fluids (10ml)

    8 Eppendorf tubes (1.5ml)

    1 vial in development

    1 dip tray

    1 pipette (3 ml)

    1 Syringe (1ml)

    1 Vial with 10 capillary tubes (1ul)

    4 Becher Nitrile Gloves 1 (25ml)

    1 capillary pipette bulb



This wonderful pack includes a THC and CBD reference table that will help you define the potency of the strain.

It includes:

one . A reference to detect the profile of cannabinoids included in your cannabis (chemotype)

2. A chemotype-effect table, which will provide guidance on the pharmacological effect of the variety analyzed

3. Includes an effect-symptom correlation table , to understand which variety best suits our needs

4. Analysis of results from AlphaCAT cannabinoid test kit

Once the products have been applied, the sample dissolved and the results sheet submerged, you will see that the area of ​​each cannabinoid will be stained with greater or lesser intensity.

Using the references included we will be able to obtain the chemotype of the tested variety, with the percentage of its cannabioids.

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