Lowrider Kit Vexpa Vape Pen

29,00 Inc. Spanish IVA

Elegant and discreet, Lowrider is a specific vaporizer for cannabinoids , temperature always remain low to prevent burning cannabinoids and terpenes.

Voltages/power: 2.8V, 3.3.V, 3.8V

Charge Time: two hours.

MATERIAL: The cartridge is made of ceramic, pyrex and metal, it is reusable up to 3/4 times before being changed.

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Two-years of warranty

Battery 280maH / On/Off 5 click

Adjustable Voltage 3 click: 2.8V Red / 3.3V Green / 3.8V Blue / Pre Heat 2 click

Size 9.8 cm x 1 cm

Micro Usb Charger INCLUDED / 25 Min to 80% Full

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