HERBHAX an alternative to tobacco

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Try this natural alternative to tobacco!

A blend of natural Polish, Mexican and Pakistani herbs mixed with lavender, rose or ladamine …

Enjoy smoking without added toxins with Herbhax


Herbhax Damiana (green) contains marshmallow from Polish breeding and Damiana from the highlands of Mexico. A blend of berries, sweet and aromatic herbs that unfolds its fresh and fruity aroma when the bag is opened.

Herbhax Roses (red) contains Pink from Pakistan kisses and Marshmallow from Poland.
The “throat hit” from smoking this blend is almost reminiscent of a regular tobacco cigarette, but with the crucial difference that instead of a sour tobacco flavor, there is a delicate hint of roses.

Herbhax Lavender (purple) contains an intense floral-ethereal cocktail for the cigarette. The cheekiest of the three Herbhax flavors. Marshmallow from Poland refined with the best lavender flowers of French origin, with a pleasantly soft bouquet.

No nicotine or additives were used in its manufacture. After opening the freshness seal, the 100-day freshness guarantee begins for all Herbhax smoking products. No drying, no loss of flavor. 100 days of maximum freshness!

This product does not contain Cannabis

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