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Quantity: 1 + 1 seeds /   COLECCIONISM SEEDS

Genetics: Amnesia High Pro x OG Kush Hashplant

Total Cycle: 8/9 weeks

Type : 60% Indica / 40% sativa

Effect: Brain Relaxant

Flavor: Earthy Gasoline Haze




It offers a peculiar olfactory-gustatory combination of terpenes and sesquiterpenes.

This feminized cannabis strain adapts to all types of cultivation, although its maximum expression is outdoors. The HasPlant inheritance tends to produce individuals with violet stigmas that are slightly thicker than their mother… a marvel to behold ..
What will surprise you about this new cross is its strong effect, although the most valued by the Author Seeds team is the flavor, as the oiliness of the resin it produces.

AuthorSeeds created this variety due to the high quality of its resins, AmnesiaOldcoffe yields returns of up to 13% in extraction and not only produces a lot of hash, it stands out because this resin is very oily.

The flowers or buds of Amnesia TopHash have a good flower density, which will be overcrowded if temperatures drop below 24C during its dark period.
It is a variety of marijuana that generally requires few nutrients during growth, with good resistance to pests and a hybrid vigor that will delight any grower or cannabis enthusiast.

The parental father
Old coffeOg (OG kush x Hasplant Tuli)
… It was one of our regular cannabis crosses 10 years ago, from which we obtained the female stallion to reverse and create the feminized seeds. The HashPlant genetics specifically come from regular seeds that Tuli forum cannabiscafe planted in 2005 in Barcelona. And the Og kush from a seed auction from the USA in 2008.

Parental Mother:

The Amnesia that was used to create the new AmnesiaOldCoffe variety is an original HighPro elite clone that offers very fruity Haze plants, much more than other elite clones, such as Amnesia Cordobesa or Amnesia Core, which come from the same seed bank, but with more acidic Haze aromas or noble woods.
The Amnesia clone that has been used has been analyzed by Author seeds offering THC ratios of 24% Thc Authorseeds, won, with another cross of this clone, specifically with the AmnesiaTop, the Thc Valencia Bho category cup.

Breeder Notes:
At Author Seeds we work to offer our 20 years of experience condensed into one seed, before introducing this variety, we have worked to ensure its total stability and performance in all possible climatic conditions. Thus, responding to a latent need to create cannabis genetics with high adaptation and climatic resistance, without losing its medicinal quality.
With AutotahiOG we offer not only a plant that produces a high resin content full of terpenes, but also tolerates drought, lack of fertilizer and high humidity in flowering.

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